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Friday, January 23, 2015

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There is a statement for which whoever says it, even if it is his last words, will have all of his sins forgiven, and his reward will be everlasting life in Paradise . It is the true statement of pure faith in the Almighty Allah-the declaration of His Supreme Sovereignty over all things, tangible and intangible alike, and the oath that all worship will be given to Him alone. 

It is the divine testimony to the true covenant of the Almighty Allah, which all of His prophets taught their people. It is the banner raised by all of the heroes whom the Almighty sent to purify humankind from sin, those whom He sent to fight idolatry and heathenish, to call His creatures to worship their Creator. It is the heaviest deed that will be levied upon the scale on the mighty Day of Judgment - a deed that will outweigh volumes of malicious deeds. It is the Good Word of salvation. He who accepts the truth of it must utter, by which he will have entered the fold of Allah’s Religion of Islam.
The Good Word is the statement of: ‘La ilaha illa Allah’ (meaning: There is none has the right to be worshipped but Allah):
However, this statement must be said with sincerity, pure knowledge of its meaning, and absolute conviction. It would cause one to deny all ideas, concepts, myths, etc., which are commonly worshipped as well as to alienate him from every evil. He would serve Allah alone and not invoke partners with Him in worship. He would not worship a man, a statue, or a human theory, and he would hate that someone would do so. He singles out Allah alone for his absolute love, fearing His wrath, and hoping for His reward.