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Monday, January 26, 2015

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Question: Is it from the means of the da’wah to stage demonstrations for the purpose of solving the problems of the Islaamic Ummah?

Answer: Our religion is not a religion of chaos. Our religion is a religion of discipline, and a religion of order, and calm, and tranquility. And demonstrations are not from the actions of the Muslims and it is not something the Muslims are familiar with.

And the religion of Islaam is a religion of calm, and a religion of mercy, and a religion of discipline; not chaos, and not disorder, and not (a religion) of inciting trials (fitan). And this is the religion of Islaam.

And rights are earned by asking for them in the manner legislated by the Shar’iah and through ways legislated by the Shar’iah. And demonstrations cause bloodshed and cause the ruination of wealth (of the Muslims). And these matters are not permissible.